URL Forwarding
(Point domains to an existing web site)

Pay the nominal fee of just $5.95 per name per year to receive banner-free forwarding to the URL of your choice.
You can use a www URL- http : //, or a host URL- http : //
It will take a couple of days for your change to propagate Internet-wide. Your domain will be hosted on our servers, and will pull up the webpage you specify. Therefore, you cannot specify meta tags or other domain information. Your name will be in the address bar of the browser window at all times- your "real" web address will be hidden. You may change your forwarding destination at any time through the management control panel. Simply log back in to the Enable URL-forwarding section, and update your web address. Click the Enable URL-forwarding to update the address.

Email Forwarding
(Forward email to an existing address)

To add an email forwarding ($5.95/year) address, simply enter the email prefix in the box to the left of the domain you wish to forward from and enter your email address in the box to the right of the domain. After adding an email you can continue to add up to 10 total emails for that domain.
To modify or remove a forward, simply modify or remove the listing at the bottom.

Renew Your Domains
(Extend registration term up to 10 years)

Take advantage of the same low rates for domain renewal.  Current registration term plus additional years cannot exceed 10 years.

Disable Renewal Notices
(Disable renewal emails- domains will expire)

Enter a check mark beside the domains you do not want to receive renewal emails for.

Registration Lock
(Secure against unauthorized changes)

A "domain hijacking" is when someone tries to redirect your DNS or worse, transfer your domain to another registrar and change the ownership away from you. is now pleased to offer you the ability to lock your domain. For the low price of just $1.99 per domain per year. Keep your domain secure! Use the Reg Lock tool to secure your domain today.

Once you lock a domain, you will have to return to the Registration Lock center to unlock it if you want to make any changes, such as DNS changes, renewals, or transfers. This extra security will help prevent unauthorized changes.

DNS Services (NEW!)
(Manage A records, CName, MX, etc.)

Host your domains directly on our servers. With DNS Service you can manage A, CNAME, and MX records. For the low price of $12.00 per domain per year, you can take the hassle out of your hosting!

NOTE-This is for more advanced users. If you simply need to update your nameserver records for your Hosting Company or ISP, please click on the Change DNS/Hosting Info link in the Manage section.