Change DNS Hosting Information
(Modify Domain Name Server & IP addresses)

For your domain name to work, it must be associated with a DNS (Domain Name Server). To change the DNS simply click on the box next to each domain name you would like to update. Note: All the domains you select will be changed to the new name servers entered.

Check Transfer Status
(View status of recently submitted transfers)


These domains have been submitted to your prior registrar, and are pending transfers. Your prior registrar will be required to approve or deny the transfer.

These domains are not pending transfer. They have either not been approved by the admin contact, or have been denied by the prior registrar.

There is an irregularity with these domains. Please contact technical support to resolve the status of these domains.

These domains have successfully completed the transfer process.

Restore your Deleted Domain
(Restore and renew deleted domains)

You can restore and renew a domain that is in the 30-day Registry Redemption period (Redemption Hold), for the price of $100.00 plus the price of a renewal. You must renew for at least 1 year but you may renew for up to 10 years. Renewing your domain for multiple years is the best way to ensure that you will avoid this situation in the future. You should also make certain that your email address for the Billing Contact and in your account information is current and valid. The most common reasons for not receiving a renewal notice from us are: 1. Invalid or outdated email address. 2. Spam filters. You (or your email provider) may have spam filters that delete our messages.

Name Server Management
(Add Edit and Delete Name Servers)

Create a new name server.
Edit a name server currently listed.
Delete the name server currently listed.

Billing History Receipts
(Obtain a copy of your credit card charges)

Auth Only Items in gray are not charges. They are authorizations only. They will not appear as charges on your statement, but may reduce your available credit.
Capture Items in purple are charges. They will appear on your statement as "DOMAIN REGISTRATION". If accompanied by a "Void" (pink, see below), treat them as an Auth Only (gray)
Credit/Refund Items in green are refunds to your card.
Fraud/Chargeback Items in red are fraudulent transactions. These are very serious matters. Please contact support before doing a chargeback on any charges you don't recognize.
Void Items in pink have been voided out. This will reverse a capture and negate a charge.
Retrieval Items in orange are Retrieval Reqeusts, or a request for information about a transaction from your credit card company. We incur a fee when this happens and since most retrievals are followed immediately by chargebacks, we treat them similar. Please contact technical support if you have received one of these and have any further questions.