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Specify Meta-Tags (Title, Description and Keywords)
for Search Engine Optimization


How to get unlimited free traffic from the domain you registered with us using our advanced url forwarding. 

We call it URL Forwarding optimization.  When you register a domain name with you will either register it to create a website or to forward the domain name to an existing website or web age or IP Address.  Since many of our customers register more domains than they actually need to protect their own identity, we have created something extra for them which we call Advanced Masked URL Forwarding. 

NEW!  Now you can specify meta-tags: titles, keywords and descriptions by using our new and improved Masked URL Forwarding service. When Masked URL Forwarding is enabled, your domain will be in the address bar of the browser window at all times. If your destination URL is not compatible with the frames that Masked Forwarding uses, you can change URL Forwarding type to URL Redirect. While you cannot specify keywords or meta-tags with URL Redirect, this option allows frames-free forwarding of your domain. 

Basic Information about how URL Forwarding works.

URL Forwarding redirects traffic from your domain that is registered at to another URL anywhere. offers URL forwarding for the domain names that have been registered or transferred to  Send your domain to any website address or IP address using URL Forwarding. 

You will receive banner-free forwarding to the URL of your choice.
Your domain will be hosted on our servers, and typing your domain in a web browser will pull up the URL you specify. You can use a standard URL such as, or an IP address in the following format: It will take less than 24 hours for your forwarding to propagate throughout the internet. You may change your forwarding destination at any time through the management control panel using the Edit Forward link.

URL Forwarding Login
Access the Domain Manager section and login using your username and password, and click on Add URL-FORWARDING,  if you would like to use this very useful feature.  You will receive this service to forward your domain name to the URL of your choice FREE of CHARGE and banner-free. 

You can use a www URL- http : //, or a host URL- http : //
Both options will take 24-48 hours to take effect.

Please be aware that signing up for our URL Forwarding services will update your Nameservers to and

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